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[GF] Gracelyn: Chapter Three
Gracelyn: Chapter Three
Gracelyn hesitated as she stepped out of the car.
She looked down at her bruised and bloody limbs. I’ll need to make sure not to overwhelm them... She glanced at the driver’s seat, noticing the large sweatshirt that Bud had left behind. With great delicacy so not to put herself through anymore pain, she slid into the extra large, plain sweater and carefully popped open the door, her stiff, agonized legs moving like mechanical gears with a mind of their own. Gently, she closed the door and turned to face the frightening woods, emotion faded from her pale eyes and her pained body swaying from side to side.
There could be Timberwolves, or gnomes—god forbid the gnomes! Little beasts... She shrugged off the thoughts and squinted for the lights ahead, catching sight of the cabin once more, and she began to pace towards it, trying to stifle the agony her muscles went through. All lights of civilization faded into the distance as her path into t
:iconhazespawn:HazeSpawn 12 6
[GF] Gracelyn: Chapter Two
Gracelyn: Chapter Two
They were still driving.
“What happened to him?” Gracelyn asked, rubbing her thumb across his pale knuckles. “No baby is born bad. I remember he was such an angel when he was a toddler.” A time where I didn’t have the bruises I do now. She thought with a grimace. No matter what, she couldn’t bring herself to hate Gideon. She kept seeing those baby blue eyes from when he was younger.
The car rumbled and groaned, cutting off Bud’s potential reply as he quickly pulled off the road and parked on the side. Cars roared past, some honking at them as Bud struggled to restart the engine. “Damn mobile.” He muttered. Gracelyn felt a tingling of fear for the first in a long time; she hadn’t been in the outside world in ages, and her hiatus wasn’t taking lightly to her.
“W-What’s—” Gracelyn swallowed the lump in her throat and gathered herself, before speaking again. “What
:iconhazespawn:HazeSpawn 9 6
[GF] Gracelyn
Author’s note: This takes place during the Gravity Falls episode “Little Gift Shop of Horror.” It’s likely that this OC isn’t going to be well-received, but this story has been wandering around in my head anyway, and I figured, what the hell, let’s write it. If you have a problem with OCs, I suggest you don’t read this. :)
Whether it was the blood running along her fingers or the shockingly cold water washing it away, her hands were trembling violently. The blood-curdling snarls behind her were nothing more than the usual norm, nothing she would consider too severe but who was she kidding? She didn’t know bad from good anymore. She listened because they were true. The words that flew from her younger brother’s mouth, though foul and spiteful, rung true and she wouldn’t lie to herself about that. She closed her eyes as her shaky breath escaped her lips, hand numb from the icy water.
At least the bleeding stoppe
:iconhazespawn:HazeSpawn 11 6
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Spawn of Haze
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Name: Just call me Haze. :3
Gender: Agender
Pronouns: They/Them/Their OR Ze/Hir/Hirself

I live in Imagination Land!

I write stories and mostly draw digital art for different fandoms. Usually I'm a shy cinnamon roll, I don't like talking to people who are strangers, but I do my best to be civil :D

If, ah, you feel like donating points:…

Freaking 6000+ followers..... You're all amazing! Thank you so much. 8D

I'm considering uploading on tumblr, but nervous, because I'm worried that I'll be more likely to get hate messages. So for now, my poor tumblr page remains desolate and forgotten XD

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Hey, so. I've been thinking about this for a while, and I've decided to leave deviantart. I've run my course and I'm happy with how everything turned out, but now I want to start fresh. Thank you all for an amazing experience here. I owe you the world. But it's time for this account to retire, and for me to carve out a new route in life. If one day the time comes that I come back and make a new account, I hope you'll understand that I want nothing more than to earn my subscribers--not gain from my old ones. I appreciate all that you've done for me. Thank you, and goodbye.

Note: I will not deactivate this account. You will still be able to view my gallery, but as of today I will no longer be present and uploading new things.
[COMMISSION|ORIGINAL] The Mess in the Kitchen
The redhead is supposed to have square glasses--however, I imagined this at night time, and people shouldn't really wear glasses to bed (because oh my god it hurts) so she doesn't have her glasses. This is a fun little commission for StaceyJulAlexandria! Hope you like it!

Info: Redhead's name is Brianna ^.^ Little boy's name is Stacey.
More info: Commissions are up and rolling! Please refer to…

Brianna (c) :iconbravebravesirbrian:
Stacey (c) :iconstaceyjulalexandria:

Artwork (c) :iconhazespawn:


Okay. I'm calm. I'M CALM.

This is a magical commission for a good fellow acquaintance of mine who has been waiting patiently for this moment like a hummingbird waits for sugar water. ...Though that may be debatable, considering hummingbirds see the world faster than a lot of other creaturesANYWAY SO HERE IT IS, VeteranPegasister!!!!!!

I drew the facial features a little differently, more so in my own style... Hope you don't mind too much.

Silver is copyrighted to VeteranPegasister ;P
Art is copyrighted to HazeSpawn ;P
For the 37% of my watchers who only kind of watch for Undertale stuff, I think you may want to unwatch, because I am officially no longer drawing Undertale fan art. ^^


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AchrylicaBass Featured By Owner May 15, 2017  Student Digital Artist
there are only 2 genders
LeiaRae Featured By Owner May 6, 2017
I miss Haze, but why did they leave?
But I still miss them. I'm sad know I'm going to lay down and try not to cry anymore.
ShadowPaw1007 Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist

I know you can't read this. you're not on this account anymore, heh.
I miss you y'know. It's kinda weird not having you around to talk to.
I hope you're doing well, out there must be kinda scary huh, the world isn't usualy kind to us artists.
Sorry that I can't say more, gotta go and all...
See you never.
The-Queen-of-Solace Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
I miss 'em, too... It's really depressing me lately. I'm sorry, Carrie. I'm here for you, you know.
catbird-the-dragoon Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2017  New Deviant  General Artist
I've been wanting to say how much I loved your artwork and comics for a long time. I especially loved Judgement Hall, which of course I've first saw as a comic dub on YouTube. I really enjoyed your artwork and I look forward to more of it. Even if it's a different subject.
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